About us

Zanzibar barefoot luxury villa and bungalow is located on the East coast of Zanzibar, the beautiful coast. The one you see on postcards. Our villa and bungalow are vested on a huge plot of 1hc with a coconut grove and native bushes. It is only one hour drive away from the Stone Town and the international airport of Zanzibar and all major tourist spots.

When we settled here more than 25 years ago, we completely refurbished one small fisherman bungalow, keeping its incredible charm and authenticity. At that time there was no running water and no electricity and the road was very bumpy. Later on, came the villa which is very stylish in the typical mixed cultural tradition of the island.

These are our private houses which we love to visit to disconnect from the hectic European life. We rent our villa and bungalow from time to time to nice guests and families with children.

It has been our deliberate choice to keep them as much as possible in their original natural environment and not to build 20 small bungalows.

Our small team comes exclusively from the nearby village of Matemwe Kigomani. Although not originally trained for hospitality services, they pride themselves that visitors go back home with memorable experiences. They love sharing their knowledge and will make sure that your stay is perfect.

About Matemwe

It is an original fisherman village, on the East coast of the island. No dirty harbor but amazing white sand beaches. This is where you’ll find the best beaches on the island. The ones with coconut trees you see on postcards. Matemwe is suitable for families with children of all ages. You’ll be in a laid-back and privileged area away from the frenetic busy places packed with rasta-friends, street vendors and full moon parties.

Our Team

Rent in Zanzibar Staff


I love to speak with tourists, to joke and to improve my English. I'll be very happy to teach you some swahili. I'm from Kigomani village. Before working at Barefoot Luxury Villa and Bungalow, I was fisherman. I know the village inside out and will make sure you live authentic relationships.

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Juma Alei

I'm from the village of Matemwe Kigomani. Before working at Barefoot Luxury Villa and Bungalow, I used to a building entrepreneur leading teams. I know all the people in the village and will arrange for any local visit you may want to do.

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Ali Baba

In fact, my real name is Ali Abdulah, but French tourists called me Ali Baba and now everyone in the village calls me so! I've been a cook for several international hotels near our village of Matemwe. But now I work as a freelance. I enjoy cooking for guests, especially when they want to learn from me. I'll share my secret spices with you.